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The early stages of the peanut harvest promise tasty season

I grew up with peanuts in my life. They were often referred to as goobers, penders and the toddlers usually just called them nut-nuts. Anyway ... Read more

1 week ago by Lisa Tindell.

Southern summer melon provides sweet cool taste

After admitting that I don’t like okra in last week’s column, I’m betting that this week’s installment will certainly have somebody asking for me to ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Lisa Tindell.

Okra and the love-hate relationship

There are some things in this world that you either love or you hate and it’s usually easy to determine which things go into each ... Read more

3 weeks ago by Staff Reports.

Keep your cool during hot, summer days

Let me just start this week’s column by saying I am old. Yep, I’m no spring chicken and with my age also comes a whole ... Read more

1 month ago by Lisa Tindell.

Quench thirst with a glass of fresh lemonade

Have you ever wondered why having a tall glass of lemonade is so refreshing on a hot day? Well, there is a scientific reason that ... Read more

1 month ago by Lisa Tindell.

Recipes for the summer tomato season

By Lisa Tindell If you had asked me five years ago to eat tomato pie, I probably would have laughed in your face. However, since ... Read more

2 months ago by Lisa Tindell.

Brewton blueberry season has officially arrived

By Lisa Tindell It’s officially blueberry season. And, even though we won’t have the pleasure of enjoying the 2020 Alabama Blueberry Festival this year, I ... Read more

2 months ago by Staff Reports.

Shake it up! Cool off with these milkshakes

By Lisa Tindell As the temperatures continue to rise, my thoughts are turning to something cool and refreshing. The first thing that pops in my ... Read more

2 months ago by Staff Reports.

POMP & CIRCUMSTANCE: Class of 2020 & 1919

It’s graduation time for the Class of 2020, and the news in the Brewton area and throughout the country continues to focus on the disruption ... Read more

2 months ago by Staff Reports.

Copy cats make great recipes

By Lisa Tindell With the current situation in restaurants, it may still be a little while before I get a chance to enjoy a meal ... Read more

2 months ago by Barrett Edge.

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