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30 year scope: Brewton as it was

Thirty years ago, in 1990, members of the Brewton Nutrition Center made old-fashioned bonnets to sell at the Blueberry Festival. Peggy Bracken was photographed with ... Read more

1 month ago by Lydia Grimes.

Old photographs share stories of old

Old photographs are true treasures. A few months ago, I was given the opportunity to rummage through my grandparents’ home. Uncovering an old cedar chest, ... Read more

8 months ago by Barrett Edge.

Letter to the editor; Nov. 20

To the Editor, Eighty-two percent of Alabama’s counties are rural, and we can all agree that Escambia County, Alabama, falls into this category. In our ... Read more

9 months ago by Staff Reports.

Lydia’s Looking Back

Thirty years ago, in 1989… •There was an announcement that Judy Bond was expanding. It was to employ 50 new workers making a total of ... Read more

9 months ago by Lydia Grimes.

Stop the crisis: Close the loopholes, please

Since Democrats took control of the House of Representatives, they have turned a blind eye to infanticide, promoted overregulation of American businesses, and sought socialist ... Read more

1 year ago by Staff Reports.

Taking a look at papers from the 60s

I saw an article on my home town of Ozark, Ala. in the newspaper from 1969, 50 years ago. It was leading the way in ... Read more

1 year ago by Gina Castro.

Thanks to those who make our town beautiful

Spring is always an exciting time. It’s a time that makes us forget about the coldness that is winter, and gets us ready for summer ... Read more

1 year ago by Staff Reports.

What about climate change?

President Trump is creating a Presidential Committee on Climate Security to scrutinize climate science. Princeton University physicist William Happer has been identified as a possible ... Read more

1 year ago by Staff Reports.

20 years ago: Poarch dreaming of casino

It is surprising what you can find in these old books. I am sure that I remember a lot of things, but a lot of ... Read more

1 year ago by Staff Reports.

American values leave no room for socialism

Last week, I was honored to address a group of newly naturalized citizens of the United States. It was an experience that gave me the ... Read more

1 year ago by Staff Reports.

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